Magnus Damora
Biographical InformationEdit
Crown Prince of LimerosEdit
House Damora, Kingdom of LimerosEdit
Falling Kingdoms (POV)Edit
Family InformationEdit
Gaius Damora - father, Althea Damora - mother, Lucia Damora - younger sister, {Tobias Argynos} - half brother, {Davidus Damora} - paternal grandfatherEdit

Crown Prince Magnus Lukas Damora is the heir to the Kingdom of Limeros, son of King Gaius and Queen Althea of House Damora, and the elder brother of Lucia. 

Appearance and CharacterEdit

Magnus is a handsome and dark-looking man in his late teens. He has got jet-black hair, brown eyes after his father and a distinctive scar running up from the bottom of his right eyelid, down to the upper right corner of his lip. 

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