Gaius Damora
Biographical InformationEdit
King of LimerosEdit
House Damora, Kingdom of LimerosEdit
Falling Kingdoms (appears)Edit
Family InformationEdit
{Davidus Damora } - father, Althea Damora - wife, Magnus Damora - son, Lucia Damora - daughter, {Sabina Mallius} - paramour, {Tobias Argynos } - bastardEdit

King Gaius Damora was the monarch of Limeros, husband of Althea Damora and father of Lucia , Magnus and a bastard named Tobias Argynos . He was (one of) the major antagonist(s) of the series.


King Gaius Damora conquered the kingdoms of Paelsia and Auranos within the span of a few months, and killed the monarchs of both territories. He was later dethroned by Princess Amara of the Kraeshian Empire, who served as the empress until she herself was dethroned by the God of Fire, Kyan (Nic), along with the other successfully animated Kindred (Olivia).

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