Cleiona Bellos
Biographical InformationEdit
19 (at the time of death)Edit
Crown Princess of AuranosEdit
House Bellos, Kingdom of AuranosEdit
Falling Kingdoms (Appears)Edit
Family InformationEdit
{Corvin Bellos } - father, {Elena Bellos } - mother, Cleiona Bellos - younger sister, {Simon Ranus} - secretly betrothed, Darius Larides - formerly betrothedEdit

Crown Princess Emilia Bellos was the heir to the Kingdom of Auranos, elder daughter of King Corvin and Queen Elena Bellos, sister of Cleiona "Cleo". 

Appearance and CharacterEdit

Emilia is approximately a year or so older than Cleo. Both sisters, unlike other Auranosi have got light hair and fair skin. It is stated that Emilia had inherited her brown eyes after her mother, Queen Elena.

The Falling KingdomsEdit


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